Body Champ 39” Olympic Weight Bench

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The Body Champ 39’’ Olympic Weight Bench is a versatile and comprehensive piece of equipment designed to provide you with all the components needed for a total body workout. This adjustable Olympic bench offers ample space for support during lifts, with enhanced safety features to prevent pinching when using the leg developer. The comfort cushion padding ensures minimal body adjustments during sets, while the foam roller pads stabilize and cushion your legs.

With a multi-position backrest, this bench allows for military, incline, decline, and flat chest press movements. The preacher pad isolates your arms for curls, while the total leg developer engages your lower body and core. The included crunch handle guides you during ab exercises to maintain consistent form and engage your midsection effectively.

This Olympic bench targets muscles in the chest, biceps, shoulders, back, core, and lower body, making it a versatile option for strength training. It adjusts to incline, decline, military, and flat positions, with the preacher pad focusing on bicep and tricep isolation. The leg developer helps stabilize movements and strengthen your lower body, providing a comprehensive workout experience.

The Body Champ 39’’ Olympic Weight Bench is a high-quality and durable piece of equipment that is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their strength training routine and achieve a total body workout efficiently.

Body Champ 39” Olympic Weight Bench
Body Champ 39” Olympic Weight Bench
$228.98 $299.99
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