Fitness Gear 16 Square Foot Floorguard – 1/2″ Thick

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The Fitness Gear 16 Square Foot Floorguard is a versatile addition to any home gym, providing protection for your floors and offering a comfortable surface for various exercises. This durable non-skid foam guard is designed to shield your flooring from heavy activity and foot traffic, making it ideal for placement under weight benches, treadmills, or ellipticals. Additionally, it can double as an exercise mat or provide support when standing for extended periods.

Featuring water and noise-resistant properties, this floor guard is not only practical but also convenient. The jig-saw style edges allow for easy configuration by simply locking or unlocking the pieces, making it effortless to adjust the layout to suit your needs. The set includes four pieces of 2’ x 2’ high-density interlocking foam guards, each measuring 1/2” thick with finished edges for a polished look.

Easy to assemble and clean, this floor guard is suitable for residential use and offers a practical solution for protecting your floors during workouts. With recommended sizing options available, you can choose the appropriate coverage based on your equipment and space requirements. Whether you need to accommodate storage racks, benches, treadmills, or half racks, the Fitness Gear Floorguard provides a reliable and versatile solution to meet your needs.

Fitness Gear 16 Square Foot Floorguard – 1/2″ Thick
Fitness Gear 16 Square Foot Floorguard – 1/2″ Thick
$19.98 $29.99
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