Cybex Ion Series Pulldown – Outlet

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The Cybex Ion Series Pulldown is a versatile and efficient selectorized station designed to target the back muscles effectively. With angled thigh pads that stabilize users without the need for constant adjustments, this machine ensures a comfortable and secure workout experience. The adjustable seat pad accommodates users of different sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Featuring longer handles that support various hand positions, including wider and narrowing grips, users can engage in different contractions to target specific muscle groups. The 11-gauge steel frames ensure durability and stability during workouts, while the weight stack of 202.5 LB provides ample resistance for strength training.

With a compact size of 60″ x 55″ x 73″ and a machine weight of 459 LB, the Cybex Ion Series Pulldown is suitable for both home and commercial gym settings. Whether you are looking to build strength, improve posture, or enhance your overall fitness level, this pulldown machine offers a versatile and effective solution for achieving your fitness goals.

Cybex Ion Series Pulldown – Outlet
Cybex Ion Series Pulldown – Outlet
$2,199.00 $5,009.00
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