Electra  Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Bike

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The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Bike offers a unique and comfortable riding experience with its innovative frame design. By placing the pedals in front of the seatpost, this bike achieves a low center of gravity, ensuring a stable and balanced position for the rider. The step-through design makes mounting and dismounting effortless, perfect for riders of all ages and abilities.

This single-speed cruiser bike eliminates the hassle of dealing with gears, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ride. The rear coaster brake is intuitive and easy to use – simply pedal in reverse to brake, providing a safe and efficient way to stop. With 26-inch wheels and knobby tires, this bike stays steady through turns at slow speeds, making it ideal for leisurely rides around town or along scenic paths.

Featuring platform pedals that accommodate various shoes and sandals, along with a full-length chainguard to keep your pant legs clean and snag-free, the Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Bike prioritizes comfort and convenience. The wide saddle with elastomer springs ensures a plush and enjoyable ride, even on longer excursions.

Electra   Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Bike
Electra  Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Bike
$339.99 $400.00
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